Excluded assets

Excluded assets are assets that do not appear in the Inventory. Some assets are automatically excluded by built-in exclusion rules. You can also exclude assets using rules you create.

Firefly automatically excludes assets from your Inventory so that they are not included in your IaC coverage calculation. Excluding assets from your inventory enables you to achieve optimal IaC coverage. Default components in your cloud account, such as subnets, VPCs, and default assets are automatically excluded using Firefly's custom exclusion rules. Exclusion rules conceal insignificant Inventory assets, and these assets do not appear in the filters or search. Excluded assets are also excluded from notifications.

Whenever you add an exclusion rule, it appears in the Inventory filter under Excluded Assets. You can search for a specific rule to view which assets are excluded by this rule.

Built-in exclusion rules

Built-in exclusion rules are rules Firefly created that automatically exclude specific assets from your Inventory. With built-in exclusion rules, you can view the code used to create the exclusion rule and turn the rule off.

Custom exclusion rules

Custom exclusion rules are rules you create to exclude specific assets from the Inventory. With custom exclusion rules, you can view the code, edit, delete, and turn the rule on or off. For instructions, go to Creating a custom exclusion rule.

Excluding an entire asset type

You can exclude a specific type of asset from your Inventory. The purpose of For instructions, go to Excluding an entire asset type.

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