Remove asset Terraform code

Delete codified, drifted, or ghost assets by removing the asset code.

Before you begin

The IaC file of the asset you want to remove must be in the VCS that is integrated with Firefly.


  1. Select Inventory.

  2. Select the asset(s) and select the Trash icon.

    • To create a code that makes the IaC file inactive without removing the code, switch the toggle Comment out code.

  3. Select Pull request.

    • Enter your pull request comment in the box.

  4. If there is more than one occasion of the asset IaC file, select the checkbox of the code block.

  5. Select Create Pull Request.

  6. After the pull request is approved, to delete the IaC file from your VCS, merge the pull request with the main repository.

  7. To remove the asset from the cloud, run the terraform apply or terraform destroy command.

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