Policies that improve the configuration of your assets to increase performance, usefulness, and security. Use Firefly's built-in policies or create your own.

Firefly uses cloud governance to monitor your assets. We use policies to ensure consistent performance of your cloud services and systems.

Policies are created by the Open Policy Agent (OPA) Rego language. Rego is a declarative language used to define rules and constraints for policy evaluation. OPA provides the platform to write complex policies to identify anomalies, misconfigurations, and poor practices. Firefly uses OPA to identify Insights on your assets.

Built-in policies

Firefly uses KICS to scan your assets and discover vulnerabilities in your assets.

Custom policies

Create custom policies using rules written in the Rego language. For detailed instructions, see Creating custom policies.

Policy notifications

Receive notifications whenever a new asset aligns with that particular policy. This feature works for both built-in and custom policies. You can receive notifications from both the Governance page and the Notifications page.

To receive to a notification from the Governance page, select + Custom Policy and select the checkbox and the destination

To subscribe to an Insight from the Notifications page, select + Add new.

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