Receive notifications about changes in the state or configuration of your assets.

When there are changes to the state or configuration of your assets, Firefly will notify you. For example, if the IaC status of an asset changes, you can receive a notification to your messaging tool. Firefly sends notifications through Slack, Teams, Opsgenie, Torq, webhooks, and PagerDuty.

The following are examples of notifications you can receive:

  • Governance: Policies that improve the performance, usefulness, and security of your assets

  • A change in IaC status was detected: The status of an asset changed from Codified to Unmanaged or Ghost

  • Drift detection: An asset drift was detected

You can view the timestamp and creator of the notification subscription:

You can also specify asset type, owner, tags, and location:

Best practices

With Firefly's system, you can customize your notification preferences to match your specific requirements. If a drift occurs in your production account, you can receive a notification any time of day or night. If you want to ignore changes in your cloud, you can turn off notifications.

For detailed instructions on managing notifications, go here.

To learn which notification subscriptions can prevent an infrastructure failure, go to the Disaster Recovery section.

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