Common Firefly terms explained


The process of converting an unmanaged asset into a managed one.


Bird's-eye view of your assets and snapshot of the health of your cloud.


When the real-world state of your infrastructure differs from the one defined in your configuration.


A change in the IaC state of an asset.

Excluded assets

Assets that do not appear in the Inventory by default. Some assets are automatically excluded by built-in exclusion rules. You can also exclude assets using rules you create.When searching the Inventory using the search bar, results will always include excluded assets.


Assets that exist in an available IaC state file, but do not exist in any integrated provider.

IaC Coverage

Percentage of codified assets.

IaC stack

Infrastructure-as-Code state file that records the current state of a deployed infrastructure.


Rules you create for your asset that improve their performance, usefulness, or security.


Displays all of your assets with detailed information and the ability to filter and search.


Based on the settings you select in Settings > Notifications, Firefly sends notifications (e.g. changes to assets) to your integrated messaging service.

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