Manage notifications

Manage notifications you receive about changes in the state or configuration of your assets.

You can receive notifications from Firefly regarding:

To manage notifications, select Settings > Notifications.

Creating a new notification


  1. Select Settings > Notifications.

  2. Select + Add New.

  3. From the Event Type dropdown menu, select for which event type to receive a notification.

    • (Optional) Add a descriptive name.

  4. Under Criteria, select the Data source(s).

    • (Optional) Select Asset type, Tags, Owner, and/or Location.

  5. Select the Destination > Create.

Below is the maximum duration of time it takes to receive a notification, according to Event Type:

Event TypeDuration (hours)

ClickOps (unmanaged) detection


Ghost resource detection


Drift detection


Policy Violation


To turn off a notification, switch the toggle.

For an in-depth discussion of notifications and best practices, go here.

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