Integrate Kubernetes

This procedure allows Firefly to monitor your Kubernetes clusters.


  1. Select Settings > Integrations.

  2. Select Add New > Kubernetes.

  3. Enter the Cluster ID (a unique alias).

  4. (Optional) Select the Mark as Production checkbox.

  5. (Optional) To display the Kubernetes object status from Argo CD in the Inventory, select the Integrate Argo CD checkbox. (Currently supported by AWS only).

  6. Select Next.

  7. If you are integrating with Argo CD, fill in the fields below:

    1. Argo CD Domain: The Argo CD server domain in your cluster.

    2. Argo CD API Token: We recommend to create a dedicated Argo CD user with read-only permissions, without admin permissions, and then create a token for the new user.

    3. AWS S3 Bucket: Create a dedicated bucket in an AWS account integrated with Firefly for the Argo CD configuration output.

    4. AWS S3 Bucket Region: Select the region of the S3 account.

    5. Select Next.

  8. Copy the command, and run it in the terminal.

  9. Select Done.

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