The benefits of integrating with Firefly

Integrating your data sources takes only a few minutes. The more tools you integrate with Firefly, the greater value you will see. Set a quick session with a product specialist before or after integration. They can show you how Firefly saves time and money. If you're already integrated, they can review your existing resources and provide recommendations.

Integrating your data sources

Integrating your data sources is the first step in optimal asset management. This process allows Firefly to:

  • Analyze and identify unmanaged assets

  • Codify unmanaged assets

  • Detect drifts to prevent service failures

  • Delete assets from your cloud

  • Exclude drifted assets

  • Preserve your asset history

Integrating your version control system

Integrating your VCS allows you to:

  • Fix drifts

  • Apply Firefly's codification changes to your code

  • View your modules and module calls and make changes to the code

  • Use code trace to view how a resource was created

  • Create commands to delete your assets

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