Integrate AWS using CloudFormation


  1. Log in to your AWS account with permission to create CloudFormation and Identity and Access Management (IAM) resources.

  2. Copy your AWS account ID (located at the top right corner of the AWS console) to the clipboard.

  3. In Firefly, select Settings > Integrations.

  4. Select + Add New > AWS > CloudFormation.

  5. Paste the AWS account ID in the field.

  6. Select Launch Stack.

Using the Event-driven method for fetching your IaC stacks ensures that Firefly refreshes your assets in the inventory in near real-time as soon as they change. This method is the optimal choice for maintaining an up-to-date inventory of your assets.

To use the event-driven service, enable CloudTrail in your AWS account.

Select Enable IaC Auto-Discovery to allow Firefly to scan your cloud for new Terraform state files.

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