Excluded drifts

To stop notifications for specific properties of a drifted asset, exclude the properties from Firefly drift detection.


  1. Select Settings > Excluded Drifts.

  2. To search for a specific rule, use the Search bar.

  3. To exclude the properties of the asset from Firefly drift detection (stop notifications), switch the toggle of an existing rule.

When your VCS is integrated with Firefly, we ignore the drifted properties in your Terraform code for any asset containing ignore_changes in the lifecycle meta argument.

Creating a new drift exclusion

Disable drift detection for selected properties.


  1. Select Inventory > Drifted

  2. Select the row of the asset > Drift Details > Exclude Drift.

  3. Select:

    • Scope: Range of assets

    • Properties: Asset properties

    • Data sources: Asset providers

  4. Select Exclude.

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