Upgrading AWS integration to event-driven

You can upgrade an existing AWS integration to make it event-driven.

When upgrading with Terraform, add the following lines to the module call and run terraform apply:

is_event_driven       = true
exist_integration     = true// Some code

Use the following Terraform code to upgrade an account that was originally integrated with CloudFormation:

  • Generate Firefly access and secret key (Settings > Users > Create key pair).

  • Copy the external ID of the Firefly IAM role (in the AWS console).

  • Use the same nickname for the integration that you used in Firefly.

Apply the following code:

module "firefly {
  source               = "github.com/gofireflyio/terraform-firefly-aws-onboarding"
  firefly_access_key   = "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY"
  firefly_secret_key   = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
  role_external_id     = "YOUR_EXTERNAL_ID"
  is_prod              = false/true
  is_event_driven      = true 
  event_driven_regions = ["us-east-1","us-east-2"] //choose relevant region

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